After Market Concept

High Growth Potential for Sales of Spare Parts.

Year by year the sales of spare parts and maintenance parts have increased among our customers. For most there is still a significant potential to further grow sales and profitability. There is no doubt both revenue and profitability can grow fast. It just have to be done in the proper way.

Unique Concept of branded products

G-TEK has worked for many years with several customers and develop a unique and successful concept. We have all capabilities for providing private branded products - Air Filters, Liquid Filters (Hydraulic, Coolant, Fuel , Lube, Transmission) , Belts etc. We have several different methods/tools for branding depending on the products material and/or size. All branded products have the same professional appearance as factory branded products.

Outsourcing Partner

We also provide our fullservice-offer to some of our customers. G-TEK packs the maintenance parts into specific kits. Each one designated for a certain service on a certain machine. Also the boxes for the kits are branded with the customers logotype. G-TEK can supply to our customers centralized distribution centers or worldwide dropshipment service to any service point. If any of the maintenance parts in the kits are not sourced from G-TEK, we offer to administrate stock keeping and call-offs from our customers assigned suppliers. This logistical service enables us to provide complete service kits.

This allows our customer to call off any specific service kit within 1 day lead time. Further on, G-TEK has the full understanding of the difficulties when it comes to forecast after market products, due to the nature of demand. Therefore G-TEK has developed a unique software to analyze sales and generate data for our ERP system.

All together we offer;   

  • Professional product branding
  • Full service to pack complete service kits
  • Call-offs from assigned suppliers
  • Stock holding of all required products

Continuous Cost Reduction

We constantly strive to reduce cost for our customers and there are several parameters to take into consideration in our continuous work. Throughout the years we have experienced that the most significant driver for cost reduction is to look for alternative sources of components. As always we are working in close cooperation with our partners, which are the premium brands on the market, to ensure that we always are offering a high quality product when proposing a change of source.

Our customer is offered a component with equal or better performance to a lower cost. In addition, for most cases, the new prices also include a private branding as per the customer specification.

Before the final decision and implementation we always process an approval phase with our customer which can be based on comparing specifications or even make comparison tests in laboratory.