Design & Production

Early stage contribution

Design is a crucial step in our contribution to the customer. The earlier in every project we get involved the more adoption of the products we can do in respect to the state of the art manufacturing methods available. Every product has to be designed in accordance with the application, projected production volume and legal demands. Our Key Account Managers and Application Engineers are experienced in our customers applications, as well as our manufacturing partners capabilities. We always make sure to achieve the most cost effective solution for each unique application.

Flexible Production

For all types of pipes and hoses G-TEK requires only a few days work, from our customers initial idea of the installation until we can propose a design and have products manufactured. In our design proposal all necessary criteria from serial production is taken into consideration.

The combination of our personnels skills & passion and our inhouse production capacity of plastic Air Inlet pipes and our workshop for Metallic pipes gives us the necessary conditions. Our customers value G-TEKs capacity to supply engineering work and prototypes in a flexible and fast way - very often including changes of design at a late stage and yet achieving quick results.

Indepth understanding and passion

We value our relation with our customers very high and it shall always be easy to be in contact with us. With our indepth understanding and passion for our customers applications we can always turn around both changes of existing products as well as new products very fast and accurate.