Our Partners

In order to be as comprehensive as possible and also be able to offer the best product mix, we have carefully selected our key partners. We have done our outmost to find the best companies in their respective business segments. We want our partners to be the technical leaders in their business areas and that their capacity and delivery reliability is supreme.

As regards to filters and accessories for inlet and exhaust systems, we have been working with Donaldson since 1995. Donaldson is world leader in their business segment and their products are to be found on the majority of the heavy vehicles which are produced today.

Our partner for clamps is Breeze. Breeze is one of the world leaders in its segment and manufactures high-end quality clamps for the toughest of applications. We solely provide stainless steel clamps, regardless if it is for an application within a Charge Air, Coolant, Air Inlet or even an Exhaust system. We know for fact that a leaking joint is by far more expensive than choosing the correct clamp.

In order to strengthen our capacity regarding molded hoses for cooling water and inlet air we collaborate with Gates. This has enabled us to increase our volumes and improve our delivery reliability. We also work together with Gates for Belts.

To provide our customers with state of the art formed silicon hoses we have chosen Flexfab as partner.

Westfalia is the global leader for exhaust products to the Off and Onroad segment. They develop and manufacture premium flexible exhaust hoses among others.