LEAN Logistics

Everyday performance

During recent years G-TEK has introduced 5S-concept within our Production, Prototype Workshop and Warehouse Operations. We strive continuously to improve efficiency and quality. Parallel to this we have had a customized software developed by IT-consultants to address the supply chain flow. We are today enabled to properly handle, analyze and improve customer forecasts. Several of our customers cannot provide us a forecast and therefore our advanced software is able to predict and generate forecast as well as safety stock levels.

All together we offer

  • Short (5 Days) lead time
  • Small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities)
  • Agreed level of safety stock and service

During the upcoming year we will invest further in our optimization, for example to introduce barcode reading + iPads in the picking process.


Either our customer will call off parts in a traditional way - a certain number of each to be shipped and put into the customers warehouse. Thereafter our customer will pick a certain kit for the specific powerpack and internally send the kit to the assembly station.

Since several years we have a unique packaging service to some of our customers. G-TEK pre-packs these specific kits, ready to be shipped directly to our customers assembly station. We ensure proper stock level of all parts and pack & ship specific JIT-kits with a few days lead time.

All together this concept gives our customers improved efficiency and KPIs;

  • Less partnumbers and less administration
  • Higher inventory turnover and less stock value
  • Less material transportations within their warehouse / production