Who We Are

G-TEK provides Powerpack Installations for OEMs of Mobile Vehicles in Northern Europe. 

Our customers operative within Mining, Construction, Materials Handling, Forestry, Defence, Railroad and other branches. Most of our customers produce premium mobile vehicles and many of them are global leaders in technology within their niche. We supply globally to our customers productions sites and work on a long term basis very close to their technical development teams. Most of them located in Sweden, Germany , Austria , Switzerland, UK and Finland.

Since the start in 1995, we have had the same focus to provide superior technical solutions and outstanding service. We know that we every day has to bring high and long term value for our customers.

Customized Solutions

We offer a complete solution for the Powerpack installation which allows us to design a package that fully complies with our customers’ needs. Our in depth understanding of the customers needs, high level of knowledge from our personell as well as G-TEK´s partnership with selected technology leaders are prerequisite for our capabilities.  In addition G-TEK has it´s own unique production capabilities. Within the Air Inlet System we select the best choice from Donaldson´s product range of Air Cleaners, design the inlet pipes, hoses, provide the appropriate clamps etc.

Some components will be from a standard range and some will be fully unique to our customers vehicle and choice of engine. The unique components are produced by G-TEK, sourced from our partners or modifications of standardized components applied by G-TEK. The choice is carefully made covering all aspects to achieve correct level of performance, meeting all technical requirements and providing the lowest possible total cost in a life cycle perspective.

Over the years we have expanded our offer in order to exceed our customers’ expectations and we aim always at being proactive by suggesting new ideas. We have grown side by side with our customers that today are world leaders in their fields.

Focus on OEMs since 1995

G-TEK has a dedicated focus on OEMs, to provide state of the art Engine installations. We never approach the end-user market. This is because we will never compromise the trust from our customers. Our efforts are fully to enable our customers to grow, and we like to grow side-by-side with them. Staff and processes  are designed to serve a small number of customers , with a comprehensive offer and a high level of service.

High Growth Potential for Sales of Spare Parts. 

Year by year the sales of spare parts and maintenance parts have increased among our customers. The interest is constantly increasing. For most there is still a significant potential to grow sales and profitability. There is no doubt both revenue and profitability can grow fast for our customer. It just has to be done in the proper way.

G-TEK has worked for many years with several customers and develop a unique and successful concept. We have all capabilities for providing private branded products - Air Filters, Liquid Filters (Hydraulic, Coolant, Fuel , Lube, Transmission) , Belts, etc. We also offer packaging services, stocking of goods from designated producers among others. To comply with short lead times we have developed an advanced forecasting/materials handling software in addition to our ERP system.